To bring an ever larger audience to collect photography, fotofever created in 2011 the START TO COLLECT initiation programme.

During the fair : some initiatives to encourage the collecting of photography 

▶ the Collector’s Apartment : because collecting is first and foremost about living daily with artworks, a selection of artworks is presented in a decorated interior in order to help visitors project themselves as collectors

 the Talks : daily conferences on the latest trends of photography and it’s market

 the Guided Tours : to discover a selection of artworks ideal for one’s first acquisition

 the Guide : a brochure offered to all visitors, with a lexicon of the terms and rules of art photography

Lexifoto : terms specific to fine art photography and its market

Photography is a very secific medium, because of its high technicality (in the shooting but also printing process) and reproducibility

Some of the terms you will see in cartels or hear in disucssions with galeries and/or artists are explained in this lexicon.

A brief history of photography 

Although it is not necessary to be an expert in photography to start collecting and thus support the artists of his time, it is important to understand the genesis of this relatively recent medium, resulting from the technological developments of the end of the 19th century, and had to go through many steps before being accepted as a fine arts practice.

▶ Discover here the fascinating history of photography, which will celebrate in 2019 its 200 years.